Review of the year 2021

The first year with a Schipperke I think, it's time for a little resume about the first year with our small black devil... Surprisingly and unexpectedly moved in with us in February, I can now no longer imagine life without her. Small as she is, she is a great personality:
Actually in a good mood all day long, from 0 to 100 in a split second, funny, crazy, cuddly, hyper, feline, extroverted, etc., etc.

Directly in the first year we made it as newcomers, we got the titles 'Danish Junior Champion' (DKJUCH) and “KHKG Junior Champion" (KLBJCH) - I'm incredibly proud of us!

We have big plans for next year:
The first litter is planned, the suitable male is also already found, and also some shows are planned (time permitting).
I'm curious to see what the future will bring - only one thing is already clear: it won't be boring!

Thank you to all who have accompanied me this year on the road to becoming a show newcomer and apprentice breeder:

  • to my husband Jeremias, who always puts up with all my ideas, quirks, and dreams and mostly implements them
  • to Julia who made this way possible for me and is really always there when you need her
  • to my neighbor Karen with whom I have studied the theory and for all the great shop talk
  • to Laila, for warm support at the exhibitions
  • and to all others who support me!


Jana Wolff • December 11, 2021