After a "career" of dog sports, foster care for Spanish dogs, self-employment with dog school and kennel, rescue dog work, and of course various own dogs, it was somehow only natural that I began to be interested in dog breeding.

After I found interest in dog shows again with our Corgi, it was decided quickly that a suitable Corgi bitch should move in with us and be the foundation stone for my breeding. While I was studying breedings all over Europe, I dared to take the first step and participated in the breeder training in the DKK. While searching for a bitch, I noticed more and more points in Corgi breeding that I did not like: increased number of Caesarean sections, disc problems, and sometimes quite close inbreeding. After many discussions with my longtime friend and mentor Julia, I decided with a heavy heart to put the Corgi breeding on hold...

Julia is the breeder of our Malinois Corgo and has been breeding Schipperke very successfully for several years (she is also the author of the only German-language book about the "little black ones"). I had long had an eye on the little Belgians, but somehow it never fit with us were all "dog places" occupied or Julia's puppies already pre-reserved for years, etc.

When I told her in an evening phone call my decision regarding the Corgi breeding, there was not only a lot of understanding and agreement on her part - completely surprisingly she also made me an offer, which I could not refuse: She had a 6-month-old bitch for placement, great pedigree, full dentition, no faults that precluded breeding, and great temperament to boot... Well, a conversation with my husband, a night's sleep - and the next morning I sat in the car to Germany to pick up our little Russian.

And what can I say - she is just perfect! She is crazy, lively, cuddly, pretty as a picture, self-confident, fearless, and much more.

We have made a lightning start in terms of exhibitions: 8 shows, 8x V (7x 1st place), 4x Best Bitch.

Also the breeding requirements and the breeding permission in the DKK and the KHKG we passed successfully.

Last but not least I registered my kennel at the FCI and now we can start: With the adventure of the little black Carpet-Rockets!