Kennel Carpet-Rockets


May 28, 2022

DKK's mental description

Today we took part in DKK's mental description - and Penny passed it with flying colors! It was extremely interesting, to see how she reacts to the different challenges and tests and I'm really proud...


May 11, 2022

Sometimes things don't turn out as you hoped...

Actually, the first litter of the Carpet-Rockets was planned and in progress - but Penny has other plans and doesn't want to ruin her bikini figure over the summer...😢


May 1, 2022

Enjoy life!

3,5 weeks after the mating...


April 6, 2022

Something exciting has started...

...the mating of Penny and Stitch was a great pleasure for both of them ;)


March 26, 2022

It's becoming serious...

...the beginning of the heat is approaching. I will continue soon as we have news :)

January 29, 2022

First litter is in preparation

We are slowly getting into the important phase for our first litter, so the first stuff will be prepared. Today's challenge: test move in into the brand new whelping box.

January 22, 2022

First litter from Kennel Carpet-Rockets

First litter from Kennel Carpet-Rockets:

December 11, 2021

Review of the year 2021

The first year with a Schipperke I think, it's time for a little resume about the first year with our small black devil...


About us

At the beginning of 2018, we moved at the danish west coast - only 2,5km far from the beach, on our wonderful little farm in the middle of nowhere.

We live togehter with our dogs, cats, horses and some chickens.

Since I was a little kid I wanted to have a dog and during the years, many of them accompanied me on my way. Also in my work life and free time acivities: starting with my own dog school with a dog boarding, many years of work in various rescue dog squads and a fulltime remote job as project manager for a worldwide dog portal, and actual with the breeder training at DKK - dogs are just my life!

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